Forest School

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In the past the children were able to experience the outdoor with a sense of freedom that does not exist in today’s society. This sense of freedom influenced their life long learning. At forest school children can again experience this same freedom.

Forest school enables all children, of all abilities to use the outside environment within the safety of the school grounds. The activities are designed so that the children can be encouraged and inspired to grow in confidence, independence and self-esteem through small achievable tasks.

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As the children grow in self-esteem and confidence the challenges become more complex, but above all, every task is achievable and the individual child is never set up to fail.

In forest school the children’s safety is paramount. With the correct adult/child ratio the children quickly learn the boundaries within which they must work. The response to the sense of freedom and adhere to the rules laid down for their safety. They go out in all weathers, providing the experience results in a good way. The activities planned meet all the Early Learning Goals of the foundation stage over the period of time.

The children learn to respect the environment, discover the effects all four seasons have on nature, they work in teams and learn how to respect their each other. They learn to use full size tools such as saws and hand drills in carefully planned, high adult ratio situations.

A few examples of the types of actives carried out over the sessions might include;

  • Creating collections of natural objects found within the environment, displayed in various ways.
  • Using hard and soft woods to create necklaces and bracelets.
  • Use berries to tie dye cloth and wood.
  • Make bug houses.

Each session concludes with a hot drink produced using a Kelly kettle

Quote from a Reception child's parent..."I cannot tell you how pleased I am that you are doing Forest School! 

My daughter LOVES it and I think it is so valuable to get kids back in touch with nature. BRILLIANT. "