We place great importance on the development of computing skills at West Chinnock recognising the need to prepare the children for the future workplace as well as being able to make the most of the opportunities available to them as efficient users of information technology.

We try to achieve a balance between the discrete teaching of new concepts and skills and integration of those skills into all the subject areas. This is why we have invested in laptop trolleys in both Class 1 and Class 2,  so that children have ready access to computers in lessons. An increasing emphasis is being given to basic programming skills. Children in KS1 and KS2 use a range of equipment and software including Beebots, Probots, 2 Simple, Textease, Logo and Scratch.

Each class will draw up and display a set of classroom rules so that children understand how to use computers and the internet safely. We will use the computers and the Elim e-safety award scheme to ensure that they follow a steady progression in e-safety. Children will therefore learn to be responsible and recognise acceptable/unacceptable behaviour.

Developing research and presentation skills will involve teaching the children to select and evaluate sources of information. They will also be asked to explain the choices they make in using particular sources or applications.

We hope to develop the children's skills and confidence so that they are excited by the opportunities computing offers and are adaptable to changing technology.

During Key Stage 1 the children  are likely to learn about  remote control & programmable toys, Information around us, Creating pictures, Assembling text, Finding information and  Writing stories.

During Key Stage 2 : Modelling effects on screen, Introduction to databases, Manipulating sound, Multi-media presentation, Graphical Modelling, Analysing data, Evaluating information, Spreadsheets